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No white genocide in South Africa!

Racism cannot be policed away; it must be socialized out of our communities. That process must start with identifying falsehoods and exposing those who perpetuate those falsehoods in order to foment separatism and divisiveness in our shared communities. There is no white genocide in South Africa!

Witchcamp on for 2019

Can we expect a Witchcamp going forward?  Leanne Middleton says most certainly. The planning and preparations for Witchcamp 2019 is already in progress. She calls on all Pagans to ready for next year with a new venue and new line up. “We stand up as a community and make this happen. We cannot back down! We need to show South Africa that you can’t keep Witches out of their neighbourhoods. We are home owners, doctors, engineers, architects, journalists, lawyers, scientists. We have every right to practice our religions in peace. We all need to join together at our events and prove this point. They will not silence us!”

Beltane 2018

Since the mid-1990’s, thanks in part to the work of several notable Pagans, Paganism has become a public religious movement in South Africa. I use the phrase ‘religious movement’ because, in keeping with the global emergence of several distinct Pagan religions, Paganism in South Africa is a collection of diverse theologies, religious practices, and peoples. As I observe the bale-fire of Beltane, I give thanks for the blessings of my brothers and sisters in spirit, everywhere. I wish for you all, strength of character, courage of heart, and success in all that you do for others.

Beltane, not Halloween

Halloween, celebrated in October / November in the southern hemisphere, is purely a spiritually valueless commercial event; a meaningless and empty copy of an American northern hemisphere holiday. The religious celebrations of Pagans are most importantly seasonal, closely timed to actual seasonal events. These seasonal events remind us to renew our bonds with what truly holds value for us, the people of the Earth; our intimate bond with Nature, and the necessary cooperation we must fulfill with the Spirit of the natural world, of Nature and Her sacred cycles.

Religious incitement to hatred and blood libel targets Witchcamp 2018

South African Pagans are not insulated from ‘Christian-right’ religious intolerance. A local event, Witchamp 2018, organised by High Priestess and founder of Coven of the Crossroads, Leanne Middleton, is being targeted with blood libel and protest by Andries Steyn and his Apostolic Voice to the Nations ministry.

Beginners Mediumship Course Free Introduction

Do you sense Spirit around you? Have you had a feeling that something is going to happen and it does? Would you like to find out if the gift of mediumship is one that you can develop in yourself? If you answered yes to these questions, you owe it to yourself to join me, Glynis Brits, on this exciting new course that I have developed for people just like you! Join me for a Free Introductory Afternoon on Saturday 17th November at 2:00 pm at Shanthi Sanctuary, Bedfordview.


The word on most people’s lips right now is Witchcamp. After an extensive social medial campaign and weeks of hard work behind the scenes to finally make this a reality, both Coven of the Crossroads and Coven of the Dark Moon Crescent are proud to bring you, Witchcamp 2018. The much anticipated event that will take place in Randfontien on 3 and 4 November 2018.

Pagan religions to be regulated by Christians?

If the CRL Rights Commission chairperson Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva thinks minority Pagan religions and Pagan religious leaders will be bound by the conclusive deliberations conducted exclusively between Christian organisations and their representatives, or in any way be bound to the regulation of our faiths by the SACRRF, she is mistaken. Pagans will not be dictated to by any majority, on any issue! Consult with Pagans, or remain irrelevant to us.