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“…the Elementals are not spirits, because they have flesh, blood, and bones; they live and propagate offspring; they eat and talk, act and sleep, &c. . . . They are beings occupying a place between men and spirits, resembling men and women in their organisation and form, and resembling spirits in the rapidity of their locomotion.”  ‘Paracelsus’ by Franz Hartmann


I recently had a discussion with a student of meditation on entities, the type of discussion where you know that you cannot push too far on the topic. Meditators and entities usually don’t mix. I realised that most of humanity’s spiritual allies are being ignored because they are misunderstood and feared. Dogma makes us fear them. It brought to mind the following: some of the best, most brilliant and funniest people I know are misunderstood individuals. My mind created this automatic parallel as though I was trying to make myself understand the sad truth: we are helped daily by beings that we do not acknowledge.

We talked about angels of course, most people are of the opinion that they are the only useful beings around. The understanding that we have of angels in the West mostly stems from the influences of Abrahamism. We are so influenced by it that even atheists are Abrahamists in denial.

I know a spiritual teacher who sees it differently. He sees the Shakti’s residing in the chakras from the Hindu Tantras as angels. They are a bunch of different looking angels, some fierce-looking with red eyes, fangs, usually also having more than two arms carrying all sorts of weapons and implements. He also sees the Devas and Apsaras as types of angels. According to him an angel is a being that is helpful, and these beings are very helpful.

Looking at Norse Mythology, the Valkyries and beings residing in the elven kingdom Ljusalfheim can be seen as having angelic characteristics and thus being very helpful. The fairies from Celtic folklore also come to mind and some of them would have probably been categorised as angelic if a church father were in charge of the documentation process. In Africa, the Orishas form the Yoruba spiritual system, and some of the Alusi worshipped by the Igbo peopleare very close to the way angels are viewed.

There are so many helpful beings, probably more helpful ones than the other way around. It would be an oversimplification to classify them all as angels or demons, maybe what was originally aimed at. When looking at the early religions in Europe, Asia and Africa we see a greater occurrence of pantheistic religions as opposed to the tendency to simplify everything into a whole like what was done in later times. The words “angel” and “demon” truly is an oversimplification of what really is going on and if we had the skill to document the beings that exist on other frequencies we would get to a model that would incorporate all beings from all religions and systems. We would be able to understand it as another densely populated world or worlds parallel to the one we are living inwith beings that are similar to ourselves in ways that we would have never thought.

According to Paracelsus these beings are like us in many ways, but because they inhabit a different plane of existence they are not bound by the same physical laws. A lot of scientific minded people will arguethat these beings cannot exist and that the closest they can get to an understanding of their existence is to reduce it to a psychological phenomenon, similar to Jung’s theory on archetypes. Can all spiritual phenomena regarding entities and beings be explained by using psychology?

Some of the most profound encounters I have had with beings were so real that you cannot explain it by saying: “Your mind is playing tricks on you.” I had a situation with a being that I saw as a dragon. I was semi awake, half asleep but not sleeping. It felt like a lucid dream at the time. I flew away with this dragon to a secret place where we had a meeting with other beings. Everyone was playful at the time and started dancing as if it was a custom that they had when showing positivity and happiness. In the process of dancing the big dragon that carried me, stepped on my foot. At that point I sat up in my bed, wide awake. My foot was aching. When I looked I found the imprint of a massive paw and it seemed like my foot was flattened by the weight. The nice thing about this experience was that I could show it to my wife. The print was very clear. I showed it to her and her confirmation proved to me that the situation really occurred. One could argue that it is similar to a “stigmata” event, but it seems like an oversimplification to see it like that. It was real. I was lucky to have had someone there to show it to. Most of the times we can only prove the events to ourselves with no one to confirm it.

There are many ways to look at the existence of other beings and I’m not proposing a departure from your own viewpoints, just have an open mind. Know that there are other possibilities out there, possibilities that the religious institutions would never agree upon because it has the power to shatter their dogmatic views. Know that you can explore the truth for yourself.


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