An art of healing


The room was warm and filled with the scent of essential oils as the flames of the candle flickered gently and soft music played in the background.

My body felt warm as I lay still on the bed feeling the vibrations of my opening chakras. My eyes were closed but I could see clearer than if they were open.

On the 25th of December I performed my first very long distance Reiki session. As I lay in South Africa, working with healing energies, the recipient of the therapy lay in the South of France feeling the effects of the energy just as strongly, if not more so, than if she were to have been in the same room, on the same continent at the same time as I was.

After the hour long session we gave each other feedback about the experience via instant messaging. It had, without a doubt, been a very successful session for both of us.

Reiki is a form of hands-on healing therapy where the practitioner clears and re-aligns the energy and chakras of his or her client. It allows for the person having the therapy to receive healing energy so that he or she can begin to heal spiritually, emotionally and physically.

With the use of symbols, visualisation and the understanding of the use of healing energies a practitioner can take Reiki from being a hands-on therapy to being able to help people who are long distances away from them.

Scientific research that began as early as the 1960’s and 1970’s has proven that not only does this type of energy exist and can be experienced by two people over long distances but that there is no time delay between sender and receiver. The sharing of the energy is as instantaneous as if you were to physically touch a person sitting next to you.

With my experience as a Reiki practitioner over the past eight years, I can honestly say that although both are beneficial, I personally prefer to perform distance Reiki to the traditional hands-on form of therapy. The sessions take just as much time and require the same amount of “work”. The difference for me is that I feel I can do more, see more and be more effective.

I was wondering why this is and I realised that when I am performing distance Reiki I am essentially “removing” a physical element and focusing a lot more on an energy level, which is where the magic happens. As a result I can create something more powerful with stronger healing intent which will ultimately be more beneficial to the person receiving the healing.

After my Reiki session on the 25th, as I slowly came out of my meditative state and began to become aware of my physical surroundings once again, I smiled. I could feel that the willingness of someone to receive the healing I was able to share made a huge difference and had opened a world of possibilities for both of us.


First published 09/01/2012 ~


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