Adele Neveling a contemporary Occult/Satanic “survivor”


Adele Neveling has been at it again, spreading misinformation about Satanism and the Occult. For some reason she was considered enough of an “expert” to advise Pennsylvanian police on a recent murder case. Apparently, if you have written a book and you have a story about being a former Satanist, you can be considered an “expert”. There is no need to check up on claims, claim you were a Satanist and you have now become a born-again Christian and it seems you are a serious source of information on the occult and Satanism – a pity Adele gets so many facts about contemporary Satanism and the Occult dead wrong.

I have to wonder if some of our genius officers in the SAPS recommended Adele as an “expert” to the seemingly equally ignorant Pennsylvanian police. Judging by our SAPS’s track record of prematurely labelling crimes “Satanic” and of speculating about possible “occult involvement”, they probably have been consulting with “experts” like Adele for their information on Satanism all along. No wonder, considering that their biased sources are all from the perspective of evangelical Christians like Kobus Jonker and the ideas seen in Servamus’ special edition “Drugs and Occult Related Crime”. Case in point, blame an “Occult group” for the actions of a  right-wing Christian group where “Boer Viking”, Gunther Jurgens, was involved and simply label the attempted act of terror “Occult” because Gunther has an interest in eventually getting to wipe out ”Luciferians and Satanists” and kept literature on his enemies at hand. I wonder if the public realizes that these SAPS “ORC” members are all self-proclaimed “born-again” Christians and most of them are involved with ministries of their own. Naturally, Adele seems a credible source to them.

Why is Adele not credible? Well on the SAFM interview with Xolani Gwala, the forum@EIGHT on 31 May 2013, she seemed to lack any knowledge of actual contemporary Satanism. She stated that “Satanism is still the worship of Satan” – this is wrong, while theistic Satanism can probably be considered as veneration of Satan as some being or force (usually in a kind of non-Christian, non-Biblical sense), LaVeyan Satanism, on the other hand is an atheistic philosophy. She stated that murder was always a requirement in Satanism – yet this contradicts the words of many Atheistic and Theistic Satanists who speak out against criminal activities, it also contradicts the Satanic Bible consulted by LaVeyan and other Satanists.

When asked during the interview about the case from last year when a fourteen year old boy murdered his family with an axe, “Eric”, the Satanist in the interview, pointed out correctly “where in Satanism is an axe considered a ritualistic weapon?” What Satanic ritual in the literature of contemporary Satanism calls for murdering your family with an axe? According to Adele, however, it could still be “Satanism” and there “could still be a Satanic influence”. Apparently, that particular “coven” may indicate an axe murder as a requirement – In other words any and all crimes can conveniently be labelled “Satanic” or “Occult” by those with an axe to grind against religious tolerance and freedom. It is all free game, since in Adele’s definition of Satanism we can include any murder. Clearly the “Satanism” Adele refers to has no structure whatsoever and therefore the term “Satanism” as she uses it can apply to nearly anything which she decides is “Satanism”. With the information made available through the media, it would seem that the “satanic label” was attached to this particular crime due to neighbourly speculation about the boy reciting a “strange prayer” at midnight and speculation that he was involved in Satanism. Even if the boy, himself claimed to be a Satanist, is it right for the police and media to label crimes “Satanic”or “Occult” due to the action of self-styled lone criminals on the fringes? A Satanic or Occult label on a crime implies that Satanism and Occultism should be seen as something inherently harmful, it is insulting to all law abiding Satanists and Occultists and it can even be harmful to such individuals and affect how they are treated in society.

This all fits in well with the Christian anti-occult agenda so prevalent in South Africa – they want to depict all of Occultism as dangerous and only aberrant individuals are involved with such things – it always leads to crime, drug-abuse and harm (yes they include Paganism and Witchcraft as part of such aberrant behaviour too).

Another mistake made by Adele was calling the supposed Satanic group she came out of a “coven” she even mispronounced the word coven as “cove-in”. Yet, the term coven is mostly used by contemporary Witches and Wiccans to refer to their groups. The Church of Satan founded in the 1960’s referred to “grottos” as a term for their smaller groups and apparently the grotto system is now defunct. Is this a mistake someone really involved with Satanism or Witchcraft would make? If Adele was involved with a group before 1994, where did they get their ideas from anyway? There was no easily accessed internet back then in South Africa and the Satanic Bible was banned before that time. If Adele was involved with a group that claimed to Satanists, shouldn’t they actually be called “Legend Trippers”, as the rituals they invented had nothing whatsoever to do with the real practices of Satanism as religion or philosophy? Does this make Adele an expert on actual Satanism or is she an expert on fantasies invented by pseudo-legend tripping youths?

In the SAFM interview, Adele claimed to have drunk cats’ blood and she admits that she witnessed the killing of babies and also of participating in crimes; she also describes ideas from the “breeder stories”, which were prevalent during the 1980’s Satanic Panic craze. She pointed out that she is aware that critics have pointed out that drinking cats’ blood could be lethal – her only defence was that she was under “supernatural influence”. None of Adele’s Satanic co-conspirators were arrested for their crimes and no bodies were uncovered. No breaking news about the arrest of a huge Satanic cell involved in kidnapping and the murder of babies ever made news headlines. History repeats itself as Adele is repeating the same kind of stories that emerged during the 1980’s Satanic Panic hysteria. The discredited “occult survivors” of the time wasted police resources as they sent law enforcement chasing imagined crimes and tracking the non-existent mass graves of apparent victims of Satanic rituals.

Why was Adele never arrested for the kidnapping and the attempted murder of self-proclaimed “prophet” Marc Bredenkamp’s son? It is interesting, that our only witnesses are Adele, the “prophet” and his son who was to be sacrificed and perhaps members of the same church. I also find it interesting how Adele’s story is basically an endorsement of Marc Bredenkamp and his ministry and his awesome powers as “prophet”. Apparently all Satanists hated Mr. Bredenkamp as he was a “threat to the kingdom of darkness”. Marc Bredenkamp emerges as the hero of the story as Adele is saved and becomes born-again through his last minute intervention.

In this recent Pennsylvanian case mention is made that a Satanic Bible was confiscated from the accused’s belongings. Why does a Satanic Bible count as evidence and yet in thousands of other crimes we never hear of Bible’s confiscated or of other religious texts being confiscated? We never have Christian crimes or Hindu thefts. Is there simply a bias against the Occult and against Satanism? If I commit a crime they will find various occult, mythological and religious books in my possession, the crime I commit may be completely unrelated to the literature I read and yet somehow in South Africa we will read that there is “possible occult involvement under investigation”. Will they ignore that I also have Bibles in several languages? It seems that ignorant police officers (like the so-called cult-cops) and the media just loves the notion of the sensational and of finding evidence that actual evil was involved in the motivation for a crime. It also affirms their religious beliefs concerning the nature of evil. They scour crimes for any arbitrary “occult” or “satanic” sign – special agent Kenneth Lanning warns against exactly this kind of behaviour in the 1991 Lanning report by the FBI.

Adele speculating on the Pennsylvanian murder also claims that the Satanic Bible specifies the use of a sword or ritual knife and if they can’t find such a weapon they can use a stick or cane – she makes it sound as if the Satanic Bible directly calls for attacking someone with a weapon. I have to wonder if she has even read it. She also says that if the women accused of the crime would only have a Satanic Bible because they are “serious about Satanism”. Well, the women may had it in their possession simply for interest sake or to learn more about other beliefs, they may even have borrowed it, received it as a gift, or various other scenarios could also apply. The fact remains that the Satanic Bible did not instruct these women to stab a man to death.

Law enforcement should stop making use of officers with religious agenda’s who believe they are fighting the devil and they should stop speaking to Christians for their information about rival belief systems. Why don’t they make the simple effort of contacting actual Satanists or Occultists rather than relying on wild speculations of detractors? As for Adele Neveling and “prophet” Marc Bredenkamp, I smell a rat.

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