Adapt or Die


This seems to be a theme that has been going around a lot lately and it sounds quite dramatic.

In the big picture of things, we are all like little ants scurrying across the surface of the earth. Each individual is fighting a personal struggle to survive. One life out of billions of lives on this planet seems like nothing. One person compared to many is unimportant, well at least to the general masses.

Yet our one life is important to ourselves. My life is important to me and I may seem selfish because of it.

When our lives change and the world around us changes we follow that innate human nature that urges us to adapt to that change. If it is a change we are not happy with, we will fight it and once there seems to be a final end result, we will adapt our lives according to it, whether or not we are happy with it.

I have been wondering about what drives people to give up and not adapt to change.

When Japan started to look at passing laws on waist size (yes it is true). There was an increase in suicide amongst fat people. This happened a long time before the earthquake and tsunami ravaged their country. If someone felt too hopeless at the thought of having to lose weight, then would they even have been able to find the strength to recover from the disaster that struck their country.

Greece is bankrupt, suicide rates have increased by 40%, especially amongst business men. Is money that important to them? So much so that instead of turning to their natural instinct of survival for themselves and their families, they will commit suicide, because of money.

Darwin is right in his theories of survival of the strongest, the fittest and the all round best of the species. Survival belongs to those who are able to adapt as life changes.

In order for us to survive as a species, it really is up to each individual person to be “selfish” enough over their own lives to want to survive.

What we may not realise is that all the hardships each of us incurs in our lifetimes really helps to evolve our species to its next point. The financial crisis the world has seen, the natural disasters faced, diseases being fought, all of it, yes even the loss of jobs and money is pushing us to evolve.

Sounds a little crazy, I know but it’s the Darwinian truth behind it. Where we are evolving towards, I don’t know but I’m sure that in a few years time we will be able to see very clearly. We adapted and evolved when we needed to create currency. Money seems to have lead us to some kind of madness. Scurrying around like little rats, grabbing as much of it as we possibly can, perhaps it is time for us to change and to start looking at something else, something more important than money.

I think it is time for us to all stop and have a look at our lives. The world appears to be in chaos right now but it is from this chaos that we are beginning to evolve into the next stage of our species. It is happening and I think that on some level we can all feel the change and the need to change within ourselves.

The question is, do we adapt or die?


First published: 05 December 2011:


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