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Penton can not offer you a salary, but will negotiate free advertising in our online magazine for either your personal business or products in exchange.

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  Online Content Editor

Responsible for managing web content production. Candidate must be proficient in WordPress.

  Marketing & Advertising agent

Responsible for managing online advertising and establishing and executing innovative marketing campaigns across online mediums.

Writers / bloggers

Penton is always looking for writers / bloggers with a unique point of view on any and every subject to join its regular contributors. Submit a sample of your writing to or use our online submission form.

Submission Guidelines

What Penton wants…

Topical opinion pieces: These are articles on current issues, including coverage of recent events(corresponding photos are welcomed) and opinion pieces on trending topics internationally.

Philosophical essays: Insightful pieces that argue points of view in an informed and balanced manner.

Informative articles: Articles that are information heavy should explain the details to the reader in a neutral and easy-to-understand manner.

How-to guides: This covers a broad range of topics from meditations and rituals, to DIY crafts and recipes. If you have a how-to guide, please pay attention to detail and note that only original works will be accepted. Instructional images will be appreciated to accompany articles.

Reviews: Reviews on books, film and music. Reviews should provide the reader with enough information, balanced with opinion, so that they can decide whether to seek out the work being reviewed.

Q&A Interviews: Interviews are welcomed.

Article Length

We live in a fast paced world and readers are no different in that they want to get as much as information in as little time as possible. Ideally articles should be between 600 and 1000 words in length; however articles of a higher word count are always welcomed.


Penton does not generate any income from its publication. As such contributors and regular bloggers volunteer their time and works, and do not receive monetary compensation.


All contributors and regular bloggers retain all rights to their work and are free to cross-post and republish their work. Penton does not require electronic rights to its contributors’ works.


While your writing is something unique and special to you, it is sometimes necessary for Penton’s editor to make corrections to grammar, punctuation, syntax and article structure.

Response Time

A response to submissions and queries (both general and article queries) can be expected within 24-48 hours.

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