A Farewell from the Editor



I have sat at my computer and written, tapped backspace and rewritten again and again; but none of it seems capable of gently leading you, dear reader to the place I wish you to see. Isn’t it always like that when you have news to share? You fidget and fumble with ways to tactfully break it to someone, but there is no simpler way than to just tumble the information out.

Last year was by no means an easy year for me on a personal level. It was fraught with hardships and brick walls, and there were more downs than there were ups. It made for quite the arduous journey, but 2013 also made for some important lessons.

What I learnt about myself is that for the last few years I, like many other Pagans, had been defining myself solely by my beliefs. All the activities I was involved, my friends, and the books I read; all of it was exclusively Pagan. However by having this attitude I realised I had been limiting myself and restricting my interactions with the world around me. My beliefs may be Pagan, but they are but a small part of who I really am- I am more than them and it was time for me to start experiencing beyond them.

That was not all though. As I had limited myself to a Pagan world over the last few years, I had become increasingly involved in Pagan organisations in South Africa, entrenching myself into the local Pagan scene. What few realise is what they see of these organisations’ labours is but the tip of the iceberg with so much work going on behind the scenes. Individuals devote much, if not all, of their spare time to bettering life for Pagans in this country and how are they treated most of the time?

They are met with over-inflated egos and senses of self-importance who claw at them, trying to drag them down all in an effort to elevate themselves. The politics of it all is no different to politics in any setting, and I reached the point where I had to ask myself is this what I really needed in my life- it wasn’t making me happy, it wasn’t really doing anything for my spirit and it was taking me away from spending time with my family.  I didn’t need to be a part of it.

As soon as I cut back on my involvement in these organisations and the Pagan scene in general, I had time to explore my long held passion for photography, to study it further and devote myself to building a career as a photographer. However I am only in the beginning stages of this endeavour and if I want to be successful in it, I have to devote more time to it.

I contemplated these reasons, and I’ve thought of where I want to be and what steps I have to take to reach my personal goals. One of those steps involves me stepping away from Penton; yes dear reader, this shall be my last post as editor. It has been a wonderful, albeit short, tour, but I leave you all in the very capable hands of Penton’s founder, Damon.

And at this point all I can do is thank each of you for your support and for reading Penton, and I can only hope that you will continue to do so in the future- remember Penton needs you in order to go from strength to strength.

So with that, I wish each of you well and I hope you make this year truly your year.



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