A Blessed Spring Equinox


When I wake in the morning the air is missing that wintry nip and the sun seems to be waking up earlier than me each day. My garden is waking with delicate peach blossoms and greening grass, and the weaver birds are struck with nest building frenzy. There’s no denying it- Spring has sprung.

So as we enter this season of new beginnings, growth and fertility, I wish all of Penton’s readers and contributors a most blessed Spring Equinox. May you be blessed with beginnings that blossom as tender buds, yet grow as strong and true as the might Oak.

And yet as we celebrate the growth both within and around us, here in South Africa sees us approaching another holiday- Heritage Day; a day where we are encouraged to celebrate our diverse and rich cultural roots. Last year a tradition was started to reclaim and celebrate our own heritage, one which I hope to continue for many years to come. This year will mark the second year of Penton’s annual Occult Heritage Month campaign.

Occult Heritage Month is a celebration not just of the various, and numerous, Occult paths, but of their beginnings and inceptions in South Africa too. It is a month dedicated to the rich esoteric history of all Occult faiths, paths, traditions and religions.

We want to hear your stories: how did you begin on your path, what are the origins of your tradition, how did your coven start out, what are the beginnings of your beliefs. We want to see your personal anecdotes, essays on religions, traditions and paths, information on how your group started and what makes it unique. Let us celebrate our roots and honour our beginnings!

Occult Heritage Month will run from 24 September to 23 October and everyone is welcome to send in as many stories or essays as they want to editor@penton.co.za. All submissions will be published on Penton periodically under the Occult Heritage Month banner.

Even though we look to the new growth of this season through the eyes of our beliefs, let us also appreciate the deep roots that such vantages are founded on.

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