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Charlie Hebdo: When freedom of speech and expression are shot down

REV. KESS. The attack by Al Qaeda on Charlie Hebdo was not just an attack on a magazine. It was not just a retaliation against those who had maligned the image of the Prophet. It was a calculated attack on the Western ideals of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. I know that is a strong statement to make. But I feel it to be true. As do many others.

Not Born Sinners

FRANCISCO FUMAROLA. Illogical Christianity and the notion of ‘born bad’ has certainly left the world a very bizarre guilt trip as a legacy. Even early Christians did not all agree on the notion, but Augustine accepted it. The emotional ties to Jesus “dying for our sins” makes absolutely no sense either way.

Review: Skaldic Tales by Glenn Bergen

GREEN OWL. The book “Skaldic Tales” features 12 short stories reminiscent of the old Nordic sagas and will appeal to both Heathens and non-Heathens alike. In “Skaldic Tales” Glenn Bergen masterfully brings this ancient tradition to life with a new spin on some of the well-known sagas and the introduction of two modern tales.

Black Hat Society: Interview with Hauk Heimdallsman and Karin Dell

CHRISTOPHER BLACKWELL. ” Black Hat Society is a bit of country, folk, blues, rockabilly, doom, rock, and metal all thrown together. We’re outlaws, not the good guy, not the bad guy, but rather people driven by what’s right in our hearts. It’s real music, made by real people, and not just some formula put together purely to be marketable. We’re telling ghost stories, love stories, political stories and real things that people can relate to. I hope people can relate our music to their own personal stories, make them think about what is going on in the world around them outside their smart-phones, and have some fun!”

Interview with Singer, Poet, Musician, Writer, Druid and Bard, Paul Newman

CHRISTOPHER BLACKWELL. Interview with Singer, Poet, Musician, Writer, Druid and Bard, Paul Newman. “I think if you set your intention and make yourself available to inspiration, keep to your commitments and work on it then you will be used; inspiration will come. Working on your craft whatever it is, seeing whatever you do as art and taking it seriously increases your integrity and love for life. More opportunities come to you as you become more able to meet their demands.”

Interview with Faolan na Amarok

CHRISTOPHER BLACKWELL. Interview with Faolan na Amarok. “My love of natural witchcraft shows in my garden. I have a Green Man plaque, a Dryad plant pot and a tree sprite carving. Gardening is something else which runs in the blood. My maternal grandfather was head gardener for a well known Lord and Lady, and he had a wonderful cottage garden of his own. I spent hours with him. He had bee hives in the orchard and taught me the names of all the flowers. He also grew all his own fruit and vegetables, kept a brace of Jersey cows, and had a chicken coop of Rhode Island reds.”

Life of a Witch: Interview with Laurie Cabot

CHRISTOPHER BLACKWELL. Laurie Cabot is a controversial and respected pioneer of so much of what we think of today as being Witchcraft and Wicca in America. Cabot is the founder of her own Witchcraft Tradition, the Cabot Tradition of the Science of Witchcraft, and the Witches’ League for Public Awareness in 1986. In 1987 she formed the Temple of Isis as a chapter of the National Alliance of Pantheists.

Josefu’s 1000 Hills

LARISA HUNTER. Josefu Mutesa, British born of Ugandan parents, slowly recalls his experiences in Rwanda, ‘land of the thousand hills’ where he went as an UN official in the aftermath of the genocide. He had a breakdown out there, when UN rules continued to cause havoc by being applied just as blindly as they had been before and during the killings. He was evacuated to Canada and now, six years later, he decides to face his past. This is his story.