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SA Pagan Council National Call for Rain

In response to a national water crisis, the South African Pagan Council has called on all South African Pagans to participate in a National Call for Rain and is urging Pagans wherever they are to assist in performing a rain ceremony on Sunday 15 November.

All Hallow’s Eve Festival 31 October 2015

All Hallow’s Eve Festival – 31 October 2015 from 3 PM · 54 Mandarin Road, Primrose, Johannesburg.
Contact 074 580 1771 Brought to you by Pagan Assistance Network (PAN).

Writing about Paganism

NIMUE BROWN. There are a range of ways in which authors write about Paganism. Each approach has its advantages and limitations, and it pays to know what it is that you want from a book, when trying to figure out what to spend your time and money on. This is also an issue for anyone thinking about writing, because some approaches suit some authors better than others.

South Coast Pagan Moot

ARIAS FAGLAR. For those of you who are on holiday on the KZN South Coast, you are more than welcome to join us for a Moot if you are in the area at the time. We are happy to welcome all “friendlies” of any path, however we insist on everyone being nice to one another.

Charlie Charlie

DAMON LEFF. There should be no excuse for spiritual, emotional and psychological abuse committed by well-meaning educators against pupils of public schools. Learners have been warned not to play a harmless game of chance called Charlie Charlie because, in the words of exorcist Moulana Nazeem Salie, who was invited by Prince George Primary School to assist educators in preventing the game from being played, “The game you are playing is making deals with the devil and we do not belong to evil, we belong to God.”