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Penton has a new editor – Bronwyn Katzke

DAMON LEFF. On behalf of Penton Independent Pagan Media I am honored to announce the appointment of Penton’s new Editor, Bronwyn Katzke. I have absolutely no doubt that under her wise stewardship, Penton can only grow and prosper. I would like to invite Penton’s regular readers and supporters to support Bronwyn, to have faith in her ability to lead Penton IPM into a new era of exploration and discovery, to encourage her on her new journey.

His spear continually divides the nation

DAMON LEFF. Encoded in the political rhetoric of restoring African dignity and promoting traditional African culture (code for support of South Africa’s traditional Leadership and conservative morality), the President appears obviously to be appealing not for the assimilation of common constitutional ideals and values, but for the separation of cultures and the dominance of traditional African culture over “minority cultures”. That’s how Ubuntu works in Nkandla; some are simply traditionally more equal than others.

Let’s Challenge Militarism and End Violence Against Women!

DAMON LEFF. According to the Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre, nearly half of all South African women murdered in 1999 were killed by intimate partners. One in four (25%) South African women will experience physical violence at the hands of their intimate male partners. Lesbian women in South Africa, especially black lesbian women, live in daily fear of being raped and murdered within their own country for being lesbian. How does violence against women and children affect you? Have you become a victim of such violence? Please share your own stories of overcoming adversity and violence with PENTON?

Occultists challenge Occult-related crime unit’s legitimacy

DAMON LEFF. Occultists in South Africa, including Witches, Pagans and Satanists, are alarmed by news that the South African Police Services will be reconstituting ‘Occult-related crime’ units, and with good reason. The investigative mandate for the establishment of new provincial Occult-related Crime Units (ORC), in particular certain ‘categories of crime’ listed in a recently leaked SAPS Investigation support capacity memorandum, contradict internationally recognized jurisprudence in the identification and verification of demonstrable evidence. The law requires that evidence must not be based on opinion, belief or untested hearsay, but on provable facts alone.

‘African witchcraft’ an academic misnomer

DAMON LEFF. What generally passes for so-called expert academic opinion on anything related to Witchcraft in this country is most often simply regurgitated and non-factual propaganda, and Dr Theodore Petrus’ recently published comments in the Port Elizabeth’s Weekend Post on Traditional African religions, Witchcraft and Satanism, are a choice example of this propaganda. Dr. Petrus appears to dismiss the relevance of an existing religious minority that identifies Witchcraft as their religion, a modern Pagan religion that finds its origins in entirely European folk-lore and pre-Christian ‘pagan’ cultures.

SAPRA Objections to Investigation of alleged ‘harmful occult-related crimes’

DAMON LEFF. The South African Police Service is launching new regional occult crime units. According to a leaked memorandum, Provincial Commissioners were recently instructed to appoint two detectives in every province tasked with investigating alleged harmful occult-related crimes. In addition to investigating muti murders, newly appointed detectives will be required to also investigate spectral evidence including spiritual intimidation and astral coercion, curses intended to cause harm, allegations of rape by tokoloshe spirits, and poltergeist and paranormal phenomena. But, since courts will not accept evidence of the supernatural on principle, the ORC detectives will be wasting valuable time and effort investigating para-psychological phenomena.

Occult Heritage Month

THE EDITOR. Today is Heritage Day, a public holiday on which South Africans of all ethnicities, cultures and religions are encouraged to celebrate their cultural heritage and diverse history of belief, religion and tradition. Penton will be devoting this Heritage Month (from 24 September to 23 October) to reclaiming and celebrating our collective Occult heritage. Whether you’re a Witch, Magician, Druid, Shaman, Wiccan, Voodoo practitioner, Satanist, Alchemist, Pagan or just plain Occultist, Penton dedicates this month to the rich and varied esoteric knowledge that underpins every occult spirituality and religion, without fear or favour.