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‘S.A. Prayer Movement for Change’ a wolf in sheep’s clothing

DAMON LEFF. Don’t be fooled by the S.A. Prayer Movement for Change. They’re not praying for peaceful elections; they’re praying for the violent destruction and suppression of identified religious and gender minorities. Is inciting the general public to psychically and spiritually attack Witches, Freemasons, Muslims, Pagans, Esoterics and Satanists through prayer protected under the constitutional guarantee to religious belief? Are curses by Christians not equally actionable? If not, is it because they are ineffective, or because they are sanctioned by the state?

Victims of witch-hunts in South Africa remain ignored

DAMON LEFF. Accusations of Witchcraft continue to discriminate against those accused, but they also serve to further marginalize an already existing religious minority that identifies Witchcraft as its religion. South African media, with very few exceptions, has paid scant attention to ongoing witch-hunts and even less to advocacy against witchcraft accusations in this country. In the name of the victims of witchcraft accusation past and present, I appeal to South African and international journalists and editors to demonstrate bold courage in supporting this ongoing struggle for human rights, justice and dignity in South Africa.

MWEB apology and City Press

DAMON LEFF. City Press journalist Nokuthula Manyathi incorrectly alleged that MWEB had apologised to SAPRA, and attributed a false statement to SAPRA’s director. But the article highlighted another common offending error, one committed by virtually all South African editors – an editorial stylebook bias against Pagans.

2013 SA Blog Awards announces winners

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. This year Penton I.P.M. did not win the SA Blog Awards in the category ‘Best religious / spirituality blog’. Winning isn’t everything. We know we fill an alternative spirituality niche in the South African media market and that our content isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

2013 Summer Solstice has arrived

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. On behalf of Penton Independent Pagan Media, editors, contributors and bloggers, we wish all our southern hemisphere readers a very blessed Summer Solstice / Alban Heruin (Druidic), Litha (Wiccan). To all our northern hemisphere contributors and readers we wish a very merry Winter Solstice and Yule.

Peter Hammond on ‘Mass Marketing the Mandela Myth’

DAMON LEFF. Peter Hammond, conservative Christian missionary and director of Frontline Fellowship (associated with African Christian Action), has published his personal review of the recently released film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom entitled ‘Mass Marketing the Mandela Myth’. In his badly constructed polemic Hammond does what he does best – he projects his own internal racist cognitive dissonance about a man the world has come to know and love as ‘Madiba’ through “hyperbole, hysteria and deception” (to quote Jacques Rousseau).